/Feature Weekend Showcase


Feature Weekend Showcase

February 4-6, 2022 | Boys & Girls Divisions

The Feature Weekend Showcase offers high level teams the opportunity to play competitive pre-season games on quality turf fields in front of college coaches. This event generally draws 30-40 college coaches from around the region.

  • Spectators are not allowed inside the permitted fence area. Spectators are allowed to watch games from outside the fence.
  • Spectators must be socially distant (10 feet) from members not in their household while outside the fence
  • Essential staff are allowed inside the facility
  • One coach allowed on the sideline per team. No other team officials are allowed on the team bench sideline
  • Masks must be worn by all people (coaches, referees, spectators, players) when not playing the game
  • Referees are not required to wear masks while on the field
  • Players do not have to wear masks while playing the games. They must wear masks on the sidelines, while entering, exiting and resting.
  • All families and participants must leave the field area immediately following the game, do not congregate with teammates, friends or family near the field.
  • Pick up all trash after each game (water bottle, disposable masks, etc)

ASA Tournament staff is aware that some student athletes may be taking the ACT this weekend. Coaches should notify tournament staff as early as possible if team members will be testing and we will work to arrange game schedules so that games do not conflict with the testing period.

NOTE: Alexandria Soccer returned to play in fall 2020 and is operating under guidance from the City of Alexandria and the local health department. While we are thrilled to offer our tournament series at this time we will continue to operate with the safety of participants as our number one priority.

If a tournament is cancelled due to COVID-19 please note that full refunds will be provided. With this risk free policy we encourage you to apply early so that schedules can be created in a timely manner. (If your team needs to pull out of the tournament for any reason, the regular cancellation policy will be observed.)

Key Dates

Registration Deadline

January 18, 2022



Feature Weekend Showcase

America's Cup Series
Feb 4-6, 2022
$ 875 per team
  • U15-U19 Boys & Girls Divisions
  • Three 80 minutes games (local teams may compete Friday night)

Game Film

Game film is the #1 recruiting tool. Maximize your exposure. Your pre-event discounted price is $599 per team. This covers all your games at the Showcase. We encourage you to place your order by February 3, 2021 as this special pricing is only available prior to the event. Click the logo below to place your order or contact NextPro Sales at, or 310.567.5790.


Past Results

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Results | 2019
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Teams who withdraw prior to January 1, 2022 will be charged a $100 administrative fee.

Teams who withdraw between January 1, 2022 and February 1, 2022 will be charged a $200.00 administrative fee.

Any team that withdraws after February 1, 2022 will forfeit its entrance fee.

All teams must show up ready to play at the field site, regardless of weather, unless otherwise directed by ASK. Matches will be forfeited if a team does not show as scheduled. Only ASK officials or referees may cancel or postpone a match. In the case of severe weather, the referee and/or field marshal may suspend a match based on judgment. For thunder and lightning that occurs after the beginning of play, the referee and/or field marshal will suspend the match for a period of 30 minutes. If the weather conditions are unsafe for play after 30 minutes, the match will be terminated. Additional time will not be added in the event of a delay. If a game is in the second half, the score at the time the game is suspended will be considered final. Incomplete games will be rescheduled or cancelled, as decided by the ASK committee.

If the entire event/tournament weekend is cancelled by Alexandria Soccer Association for any reason, accepted teams will receive up to 50% refund of the registration fee, after all fixed costs are covered. No refunds will be given if any games are played on the tournament weekend.

Feature weekend showcase

Weekend Structure


  • Contact college coaches that are both attending the event and those you would like to attend the event in a professionally written and personal e-mail.
  • Share with college coaches 1) that you are interested in their program 2) your soccer and educational background and 3) team schedule for the weekend.

Friday Afternoon & Evening

  • Teams play 1 game
  • College Coaches and scouts observe players


  • Teams play 1 game 
  • College coaches and scouts observe players


  • Teams play 1 game
  • College coaches and scouts observe players 

Post Event

  • Update your player profile
  • Build out a list of school’s you are interested in attending
  • Plan campus visits
  • Fill out recruiting questionnaires on college athletic webpages
  • Attend college summer soccer camps and showcase tournaments
  • Consider having an updated video of you playing
  • Keep up your grades!