Zak Davis

Some of Coach Zak's most memorable moments growing up, in regards to soccer and any sport he played, were rides with his mom. They had a lot of car time together, from game to game, practice to practice—those are moments Zak won't forget. He may not remember the specific conversations in the car, but he always remembers being with her and the time she took to make sure he had the ability to make it to all of his practices and games. Zak's favorite part of his college soccer experience are the individuals he met that he will forever refer to as friends or family. There are a couple of games from Zak's college soccer experience that stand out, however, the people are a major part of his experience and he is grateful for that.

When he's not coaching at ASA Zak is coaching at George Washington University in D.C. He is one of the assistant coaches for the women's soccer program at GW! A few of Zak's soccer idols who were influential to him while growing up were; Didier Drogba, Petr Cech, Frank Lampard, Zach Thornton, David Beckham and Rose Lavelle, to name a few.

If Zak could live anywhere in the world he would choose Bali. He's never been but from any picture he's seen it makes him want to visit. "It seems gorgeous. I don't know about living there full time yet, but a long extended vacation spanning months or years...count me in."

Academy Teams

U14 Girls Red and U18/19 Girls White

NSCAA Goalkeeper License
USSF Grassroots License
BS in Health and Wellness Promotions | UNC Asheville
MA in Liberal Arts | UNC Asheville
Playing Experience
UNC Asheville