Sophie DeVincentis

When she's not coaching Sophie loves running or doing anything outside, reading, and visiting her family and dog in Baltimore! Coach Sophie's favorite soccer memory from growing up is traveling to out of state tournaments with her teammates. She remembers the long bus rides and having fun in the hotels, making silly videos and hanging out together. "As MUCH as I love winning, my memories will always be about togetherness and friendship," says Sophie.

The best part of her college soccer experience was the immediate family it gave her upon entering school in August. The team was so tight knit and she is thankful to have had this great support system through her college years. Sophie hopes every ASA player gets to experience some sort of collegiate level play — there is a college for every player who wants to compete at any level.

If Coach Sophie could live anywhere in the world she would choose Italy! She wants to be reconnected with her family in Naples and Sicily and travel the country with them. Sophie spends her days as an elementary school teacher but says her dream job is to be a veterinarian. Her dog’s current veterinarian always tries to persuade her to go back to school but as much as she loves helping animals, she's very happy teaching!

Academy Teams

U10 Girls White

BA in Communications from Goucher College
Master of Arts in Teaching