Peja Ilic


Peja Ilic

When Coach Peja thinks about his favorite soccer memory growing up, he always thinks of his brother, Nenad. He will carry in his heart the fact that his brother rarely missed watching any of his games. He provided unconditional support throughout his career, from when he started until now.

Peja has always admired Dejan Stankovic as a player. He left a huge mark playing in Europe, he was known for being a fighter on the field with great awareness, and a player that would never give up. At an early age, he was passed over at tryouts for one of the small local teams. That just gave him the motivation to succeed, even when it seemed complicated. Later he left his print in Italy, where he played for Inter Milan. When he's not coaching Peja loves playing the guitar, enjoying a drink of coffee with quality, positive people around me, playing tennis and playing basketball.

If he were stranded on a deserted island Peja would choose to bring a knife, a ball, and a guitar (and it would be awesome to meet someone there to teach him how to play more than the songs that he knows).

When asked about his dream job, Peja said, "I have one." (He works full time in the ASA front office leading Adult League and After School Programming).

Academy Teams

U17 Boys Red & U17 Girls Red

USSF C License
Playing Experience
Division 1 Professional Soccer in Serbia
ASA Futsal PRO