Adem Gokturk

In his free time, Coach Adem likes to play as much soccer as possible because that's his favorite way to stay fit. He also plays basketball and golf. The thing Adem loved most about his college soccer experience was the team camaraderie. A lot of his teammates became long time friends that he continues to work with in the youth soccer world.

Adem has slowly become a better cook over the years and he likes to try new recipes every now and then—one of his favorites is stuffed chicken with artichoke and roasted red peppers. It is delicious and very easy to prepare! Fun Fact — many people assume Adem is Turkish because of his last name but he's actually half Turkish (dad's side) and half Portuguese (mother's side).

Academy Teams

U12 Girls Red

USSF D License
BA in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Technology from American University
Playing Experience
Alexandria Men's Futsal Pro
Varsity Men's Soccer American University